Petros K. Mpakatsias

Our advantages

How we differentiate from the competition

Experience and expertise.
Our continuous scientific competence,
updated professional training and accumulated experience, guarantees the quality and efficiency of our services.

Full customer support.
Clear communication, responsiveness and proactivity in addressing customer needs and concerns.

Fully automated.
Full integration of automation and state-of-the-art equipment guarantees the efficient, accurate and reliable execution of the projects, providing top results to our customers.

Optimal project planning.
We secure the optimal allocation of resources, maintain the schedule, meet requirements and establish the success of projects.

Alleviate bureaucracy.
We handle all administrative tasks competently, simplifying the process and relieving you of unnecessary stress.

We protect your property.
By adopting sustainable practices, we reduce waste, energy consumption
and operating costs in your projects. We upgrade your property and its final energy footprint.

Our Services

What we offer

Engineering Services

Studies & Design


Restorations – Renovations


6, Papantoniou Street
1st Floor
36100, Karpenisi
(+30) 6977 901496 (+30) 2237 021382